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Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is applicable when purchasing a freehold, leasehold or shared ownership residential property in England. There is no charge when purchasing a main residential property worth less than £125,000. The below stamp duty land tax calculator quickly calculates the amount payable to HMRC when purchasing a property in England which you intend to use as your main residential property.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator (main residential properties)

Enter Your Property Value Below

Stamp Duty Calculation

Up to £125,000

£125,000 to £250,000

£250,000 to £925,000

£925,000 to £1,500,000

Over £1,500,000

Total tax payable:


Current Stamp Duty Land Tax Rates

RateCharge band
0%Up to £125,000
2%Over £125,000 and under £250,000
5%Over £250,000 and under £925,000
10%Over £925,000 and under £1,500,000
12%Over £1,500,000

Stamp duty rates are only applied to the relevant portion of the property purchase value. For instance, a property purchase at £300,000 would result in stamp duty of £5,000 calculated as: £0 on the first £125,000, £2,500 on the next £125,000 (2% * £125,000) and £2,500 on the next £50,000 (5% * £50,000).

Rules applicable for first time buyers or additional property purchasers

  • A SDLT surcharge is applicable when purchasing a second property or buy-to-let property, there is an additional 3.0% on acquisitions over £40,000. See our SDLT calculator for buy-to-let and additional property purchases.
  • First time buyers pay no stamp duty if the property they are purchasing has a value of less than £300,000 (outside of London) or £500,000 (in London). If the property being purchased is above this value, then stamp duty is paid as normal.
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